Quantum Dot Synthesis and Spectroscopy

PI: Brandi Cossairt

Lab/Project Website: http://brandicossairt.wixsite.com/cossairtlab

Work Location: UW Seattle, CHB 317

Work Hours: 9-5 M-F; group meetings Monday 9am and Wednesday 3:30pm

Overall Program Goal: We are interested in making bright, color-pure phosphors for display and lighting applications. Our phosphors are based on quantum dot materials that do not contain toxic heavy elements like Cd or Pb. We have developed a method to make quantum dot materials from atomically-precise magic-size cluster precursors and are working to develop tools to tailor the photophysical properties of the resulting quantum dots.

Intern Project Description and Responsibilities: Interns will be working on the synthesis of quantum dot materials with an eye to optimizing brightness (quantum yield) and color purity (luminescence linewidth) as a function of color. Interns will learn Inert atmosphere synthesis (glove box, Schlenk line); optical (UV-Vis, Fluorescence spectroscopy) and structural (X-ray diffraction, Transmission electron microscopy) characterization.  Interns will compile a weekly report of work completed and planned work and maintain a clear and concise laboratory notebook detailing work performed.

Pre-requisites: A Chemistry or Materials Science  background will likely lead to the greatest success.

Level of Independence: This position will involve working directly with a postdoctoral researcher and a graduate student. The exact science pursued will be dependent on the student’s interests and abilities.

Learning Opportunities: Interns will learn key synthetic and analysis techniques for quantum dots for display purposes.  Interns will understand the connection between market requirements and technical development needs.