Reporting Undergraduate Participation in Research, Public Service, and Internships

June 17, 2024

DUE: September 20, 2024

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Summary Table of Undergraduate Participation

Year Public Service Undergraduate Research Internship
Number of students Number of student-quarters Number of hours Number of students Number of student-quarters Number of hours Number of students Number of student-quarters Number of hours
2022 – 2023 2,969 4,305 324,796 6,729 11,101 1,268,328 2,317 3,531 416,202
2021 – 2022 4,185 6,070 544,130 6,791 10,958 1,283,524 2,742 4,166 509,866
2020 – 2021 3,878 5,765 664,670 7,086 10,997 1,286,468 1,873 2,523 316,025
2019 – 2020 4,940 6,302 566,367 8,299 12,957 1,512,617 2,632 4,157 450,081
2018 – 2019 6,516 8,668 743,812 8,466 13,065 1,466,062 2,980 4,541 490,120
2017 – 2018 6,053 8,675 616,869 9,045 13,714 1,584,236 2,938 4,440 480,026
2016 – 2017 5,621 8,069 495,152 8,411 12,594 1,450,259 2,561 4,137 417,163
2015 – 2016 5,415 7,435 497,531 8,168 12,853 1,495,218 2,088 3,329 388,264
2014 – 2015 5,553 7,868 571,712 7,425 11,325 1,296,841 1,932 3,022 341,624
2013 – 2014 6,659 9,035 854,104 7,048 11,187 1,257,052 1,682 2,595 354,133
2012 – 2013 5,463 10,180 464,910 5,609 9,301 1,014,430 1,402 1,823 213,980
2011 – 2012 5,909 8,185 556,335 7,040 11,239 1,293,496 0 0 0
2010 – 2011 5,436 7,824 537,849 5,830 9,192 1,046,891 0 0 0
2009 – 2010 4,814 6,653 621,827 6,011 9,204 1,028,014 0 0 0
2008 – 2009 4,235 5,495 503,589 3,935 6,418 747,578 0 0 0

Definitions and Instructions

How to report undergraduate student participation in research, internships, and UW-sponsored public service.


Undergraduate research experiences refers to student research (“research” as defined by your discipline to include scholarship, creative work, community-based research and applied research and design) closely guided by faculty, staff, or graduate students. The research may be done as part of the work of a course, team, faculty research group, or independently with guidance. The measure is intended to capture the number of students engaged in work that is considered to enhance student learning and contribute new ideas, perspectives, designs, methods, data, scholarship, or creative works to a discipline or body of work.

Public service involvement refers to undergraduate participation in UW-sponsored service learning, volunteer experiences, or public service internships sustained for at least one quarter. The measure is intended to capture the number of students involved in these activities as part of their undergraduate learning, either through a course, an academic department, or an official UW program or connection.

Internships refers to opportunities for students to explore and develop their career goals through supervised practical training that is sustained for at least one quarter. The measure is intended to capture the number of students who participate in an internship as part of their undergraduate learning that is primarily aimed at helping them to develop skills, knowledge and experience that prepare them for work and careers. Students may be earning academic credit or being paid for an internship experience connected to their UW undergraduate experience.

Who Can Report

Individuals who have reported in prior years are already authorized users in the system. Department representatives can contact us at to make changes to the list of authorized users or to add another user.


Report only UW undergraduate students. You may also report other undergraduate students who have a UW Net ID or a UW student number (e.g., undergraduate participants in a summer research program). If you would like to report undergraduate participation in public service or research and they are not UW students, you may email us at with a list.

Types of Information to Report


If your department or program offers courses in which all enrolled undergraduates conduct research, public service, or earn internship credit, you may submit the course number and quarter offered directly into our online system.

Individual students

If students connected with your department or program participate in faculty research, UW-sponsored public service or internships but do not enroll in a course or earn credit, you may report these as “individuals” in our online system. Note that students who are paid or volunteering their time toward these activities may be reported.

Data Needed to Complete Your Report


You will be able to view and add courses that have been used in previous year. You may also add courses that do not appear on your list of previously reported courses. You will need:

  • Department abbreviation
  • Course number
  • Section
  • Quarters course was offered

You will need to distinguish between a course offered for research, public service, or internship credit. If one course offers credit for more than one type of student work, you will need to report those students as individuals (see next section) rather than by course.

Individual students
An Excel template is available for you to use for uploading these data for individual students. The following data will need to be entered into the Excel template.

  • Student number or UW Net ID (UW email address without the @u extension)
  • Project title (either a research or service project title or theme, or host organization name)
  • Type of activity (Enter the words exactly “Undergraduate Research” or “Public Service” or “Internship” without quote marks)
  • Faculty UW Net ID (UW email address without the @u extension, e.g., “jdecosmo”)
  • Faculty Name
  • Hours per week for Summer 2023
  • Hours per week for Autumn 2023
  • Hours per week for Winter 2024
  • Hours per week for Spring 2024

If you only have a total number of hours for the quarter rather than an average number per week, you can enter those numbers in the Hours per week column and there will be a place to indicate this condition in the system AFTER UPLOADING the spreadsheet.

Login with UW Net ID to Report Data

You are encouraged to report any problems with the system or to contact us if you have any questions or need help in submitting your data. Email or